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Counselling for Adults. 


As a generalist practitioner with 10 years of training and experience, I work with adults who have concerns related to mood, anxiety, relationships, transitions (including career), and grief and loss. Many of the clients I work with are struggling to find satisfaction in their work and relationships, which often shows up in the way of depression, worries, and/or the use of unhelpful coping strategies (e.g., substances, food).


I specialize in working individually with young adults and adults who are seeking personal growth and more constructive and satisfying romantic, social, and/or work relationships. Issues related to self-esteem/confidence and identity are also areas included in my practice.  


In addition, I have experience with career preparation and transitions and am trained to conduct Career Assessments using the Strong Interest Inventory and the Missouri Card Sort.


It is important that we work together in a way the feels right for you, and so I encourage you to let me know what is and is not working. Through curiosity, kindness, and non-judgment, I work to create a place where you feel safe and comfortable.



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