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Counselling for Teens.


Working with teens has been a passion of mine since the beginning of my training. I believe that the tools we learn when we are younger can help us so much throughout our life. I work with teenagers to help them build their own "toolkit" of strategies to deal with challenges, such as relationships with friends, romantic partners, and parents, mood concerns and worries, and body image. Self-esteem and questions about "who am I?" are also areas I work on with teens. 


Depending on your unique concerns, I adjust my approach for the best fit. I draw on approaches that emphasize problems in thinking (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), problems in relationships (Interpersonal Psychotherapy), challenges in self-expression (Art and Play approaches), and challenges with problem-solving (Solution-Focused Therapy). It is important that we work together in a way the feels right for you, and so I encourage you to let me know what is and is not working. 


Through curiosity, kindness, and non-judgment, I work to create a place where you feel safe and comfortable.

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